The Instructors

Don Morrison
Chief Instructor 6th Dan
Trevor Auguste
1st Dan Instructor
Sarah-Jane Stoddart
Club Secretary, Administrator and Instructor
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Sensei Don Morrison 6th Dan

Sensei Don Morrison began studying Ishin Ryu Karate in 1971 (a style formed by Ticki Donovan).  After training for a couple of years, Sensei Don then switched to the similar style of karate called Kyokushinkai.


In 1976, Sensei Don joined the Thames Karate Association (TKA) where he began his Journey in Shotokan Karate. He later trained under Keinsuke Enoeda Sensei who came over from Japan in the 1960s to establish Shotokan Karate in the United Kingdom. Sensei Don then founded the ‘Seishin Juku Shotokan Karate Club’ in 1980.


Sensei Don has always been known for his powerful gyaku-tsuki (reverse punch) which has won him many victories in Kumite at competitions over a span of 20 years. He is also known for his intense and challenging training regime. His methods have proved to be successful through his patience, discipline and dedication towards his students.

Trevor Auguste 1st Dan


Trevor started karate in the early 1990's whilst still playing Ice hockey. He had various breaks in training to pursue educational options, however, Trevor achieved his black belt in 2005 with the JKA.


He represented Seishin Juku at various competitions during his training career.  Trevor has trained under Sensei Ohta and Sensei Enoeda at various seminars.


In 2011, Trevor started to assist Sensei  Don Morrison and was instrumental in the move to our new home at Forest Hill leisure centre. 


Karate has taught Trevor to pursue perfection through regular  training and hard work.

Sarah-Jane Stoddart 1st Dan


Sarah-Jane became a student under Sensei Don several years ago and achieved black belt in 2016.


In addition to training at Seishin Juku, Sarah-Jane is responsible for managing the club administration and membership.


Sarah-Jane has expressed that practice of Shotokan karate has had a great impact on her life, both mentally and physically, and would encourage everyone to give it a try.